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Five Steps to Take When You Get Hurt at Work: Workplace Injury Claim

When you’re at work, the last thing you’re thinking about is getting hurt. You’re busy completing your work and providing a good service to your employer. However, there are times when the unavoidable happens. Some types of workplace accidents include slips on ice in the parking lot, strains from carrying large items, or cuts on a food can in the kitchen. Unfortunately, these accidents are more frequent than one would like and likely aren’t your fault. What do you need to know about filling out a workplace injury claim?

Medical Professional Check-Up

The first step that must be completed when you get injured at work is getting checked out by a medical professional. Even if you don’t think your injury is that severe, you need to go to the doctor. There may be times that a bruise is just a bruise, but there will be times that a bruise could be a sign of internal bleeding. A bump on the head from falling could be a concussion and not just a goose egg on the noggin. You need to ensure your physical well-being before anything else.

Notify Your Employer

The second step that must be completed as soon as possible after a workplace injury is notifying your boss. If you don’t report the information as soon as it happens, your employer may try to dispute that the accident occurred on his or her time. For this step, you need to get a copy of your business’s workplace injury claim form and fill it out in detail.

Speak with an Attorney

The third step is to never agree to a settlement offer without speaking with an attorney. Even a good boss could be focused on protecting himself or herself from liability rather than doing the next right thing. The best type of attorney to discuss your case with is an attorney who specializes in workplace injury claims.

Attend All Medical Appointments

The fourth step is to attend all medical appointments required by your employer. By being compliant with the medical requirements of your company, you will be able to present an accurate case to get the damages that you deserve based on the injury you’ve received. When you are seriously hurt, you need an accurate record of your physical and mental well-being.

Appeal Process

The fifth step in filing a workplace injury claim involves continuing the process. Even if your claim is denied, don’t get discouraged. The appeal process can still be on your side. Having a workplace injury lawyer will help make the process easy to navigate.

If you get injured at work, you must fill out a workplace injury claim and inform your employer of your injuries. It is important to take care of your health by getting a proper evaluation by a medical professional. If you need expert advice to guide you through the process of a workplace injury claim, contact us at the Law Offices of John L. Schettino. We are an experienced law firm. Contact us today.