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A will is a document that declares how you would like your possessions divided after death. After your demise, a probate attorney will use your will to help your family carry out your wishes. Many times, a persons’ wills attorney, the lawyer that created their will, is also their probate attorney. A will can be created on its own or as part of a larger estate plan. At the very least, a well-written will is the foundation for an estate plan in the future.

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A wills attorney and a probate attorney’s responsibilities can be handled by the same person. When a lawyer is writing your will, they will ensure that all aspects of your life are covered and that the will is legally sound. A probate lawyer is a person you designate to ensure your will is carried out after your death.

Reasons for a Will

Many people are under the impression that only the elderly or the extremely rich have wills. While the wealthy and senior citizens surely do need a will, they aren’t the only ones that should have a will drafted and filed. It’s important for every adult to have a wills lawyer because no one knows when something tragic could happen. It’s especially important for adults with minor children in order to protect their children if something were to happen before they are of legal adult age.

When someone has a will drawn up before they pass away, no matter their age, it ensures the persons’ wealth will be distributed in the manner they would have wanted. Some people opt to write their will on their own, but if it is not legally sound, it may not hold up in court. For this reason, it’s essential that anyone that wants to protect their loved ones after death should have a wills lawyer. If a person dies without a will, the process of dividing their assets can become a difficult drawn out practice that is burdensome for the deceased’s family.

Wills Attorney

Wills and Estate Taxes

Another reason to create a will is because it can help reduce estate taxes after your death. With a will in place, you can help protect the financial security of your spouse and/or children after your death.

Creating a Will

What You Need

When you meet with a wills attorney for the first time, you need to know what your assets are. To do this, you need to bring a record of your assets with you, including bank account balances, credit card statements, investment portfolios, retirements funds, and anything else you want to be distributed after your death. With an accurate outlook at your assessments, a wills attorney can help you determine the best way to proceed with your case.

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