Bergen County Attorneys NJ

Bergen County Attorneys NJ

Bergen County is located in New Jersey and it was created in 1683. According to the 2010 census, Bergen County has a population of about 905,116 and it covers an area of 638,875 square kilometers. Hackensack is the county’s municipal city and has an average household income of $81,000. Bergen County, NJ has a diverse ethnicity with a population ranging from all races and cultures.

The county assumes an executive model of governance with an executive and 7 freeholder members. The executive oversees the administrative duties while the board of freeholders is in charge of legislative duties. The law enforcers are made up of prosecutors and sheriffs. Lawsuits in Bergen County are heard by the superior court or the municipal court. The superior court handles criminal offenses and the municipal court handles all traffic violations. The municipal court also handles minor cases in the county.

Legal Services in Bergen County NJ

A personal injury case may be filed due to the negligence of another person which leads to injury of another. The negligence can be due to driving under the influence of alcohol, medical malpractice, work related accidents, commercial malpractice, property liability, among other accidents. The victim files a case where they will be asking for compensation for the injuries incurred. Bergen County John L. Schettino is an experienced lawyer in New Jersey who can help you in the process of filing your case. Some of the areas where an experienced attorney can help you include:

Bergen County Attorney NJ

Personal Injury Attorneys in Bergen County NJ

There are many legal matters in Bergen County which may affect you. In order to increase your chances of accessing justice, you need to look for a highly qualified lawyer who will represent you in the court of law. John L. Schettino is an experienced attorney who will listen to your case and offer you the necessary legal advice you need.

It does not matter the type of legal case you file; attorney John L. Schettino has the experience and knowledge to offer exceptional services at affordable rates. Providing legal guidance and ensuring all clients get the highest in quality services is what our attorneys strive to maintain.

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If you have been subjected to injuries in your workplace, contact professional attorney, John L. Schettino. He will assess your case in detail and inform you on the knowledgeable advice you need to reach a positive outcome. He has represented many successful cases and continues to do so today. Schedule your consultation today!

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