Selling Real Estate in New Jersey

Selling Real Estate in New Jersey

Whether you are selling your New Jersey home or commercial property, you probably want to get the best price and have the sale completed quickly. When selling either type of property, the process can become long and complicated. With the help of an attorney, selling real estate (commercial and residential) property can be easier and completed quicker.

When to Hire a Real Estate Attorney

It is always a good idea to hire a lawyer to help you sell real estate. Many NJ residents trust that their real estate agent, broker, and lender will handle everything for them, but that isn’t always true. For instance, real estate agents often use standardized forms when beginning a sale. The problem with that is it does not cover all situations that can arise during a sale. Neither a broker nor lender can offer legal advice, only a real estate lawyer can. For this reason, you should consider consulting with a lawyer whenever you are selling real estate (commercial and residential) in New Jersey. Situations that warrant immediate consultation with a lawyer include:

  • Selling a home in a development with homeowner association rules
  • Selling property that is near foreclosure or probate litigation
  • Purchase sale is overly complicated
  • There is distrust among the parties
Selling Real Estate in New Jersey

Selling a House with a Real Estate Attorney

During the sale of property, there are several professions involved including brokers and lenders. The problem with so many professions being involved in a sale is that there can be conflicting interest of parties. The brokers usually have the seller’s best interest at heart and lenders are obtained by buyers. When you hire a real estate lawyer to oversee your sale, the lawyer will only have your best interest in mind, which can help you complete a sale with more confidence that you’re getting the best deal.

A real estate lawyer will help sellers understand every step involved in selling a home or commercial property in New Jersey. Ways an attorney can help you do so:

  • Help protect you (the seller) if a deal falls through
  • Make sure you understand everything you sign, especially the property purchase agreement
  • Protect clients from brokerage agreements that require fees even if sale doesn’t occur
  • Set time limits for financing
  • Handle any unforeseen circumstances that arise before and during the property closing process
  • Ensure buyers are not abusing home inspections
  • Controls, supervises, and is responsible for the closing process

New Jersey Home Inspections

In addition to streamlining the selling process, having an attorney involved in the sale of property can also help protect you after the deal is complete as well. For instance, home inspections and surveys are completed during the sale process. If problems arise with the property lines or the home after the sale, you won’t have to scramble to find legal aid because you will already be established with a lawyer that is familiar with your situation. Having legal aid is particularly useful when a home or commercial property is sold “as-is” and issues arise with the integrity of the home or building after the sale.

If you are considering selling real estate (commercial and residential) property in New Jersey, contact The Law Office of John L. Schettino, LLC. With Mr. Schettino on your side, you can count on personal, hands-on attention that will set your mind at ease and make selling property easier, faster, and less complicated.

When to Hire a Real Estate Attorney