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Landlord-Tenant Attorney

One of the biggest contentions regarding landlord-tenant relationships is leases and contracts. Leases and contracts exist in the residential, private, and commercial industries and are designed to facilitate a relationship between two parties that benefits both. If you are having landlord-tenant issues (with a lease or contract), it’s important to consult with an attorney to protect your rights.

Landlord-Tenant Relationships

When consulting with an attorney about issues pertaining to renting a space or building, it’s important to understand landlord-tenant relationships. A landlord is anyone that leases space to another person or entity. A tenant is someone that rents commercial or residential property from a landlord. The most important document between a tenant and landlord is a lease or contract.

NJ Rent Lease Agreement

A lease or contract protects both the landlord and the tenant. Leases and contracts are both legally binding documents that clearly outline the obligations and rights of each party in the agreement. Obligations that should be explained and covered in a lease or contract are payments, repairs, arrangements to return a security deposit when the contract or lease ends, and much more.

New Jersey Landlord Tenant Attorney

Creating a Lease Agreement

If you are going to lease or contract property to another person, it is vital to have an attorney create your lease for you. Many real estate agents will offer to do this on your behalf, but a standard form may not cover your unique renting situation or cover you legally if issues arise during the lifespan of the agreement. In New Jersey, attorneys are able to make sure any agreement between a renter and a landlord includes the most common elements, unique requests or situations, and is in compliance with municipal ordinances. When an attorney handles your contract or lease, they will look at the proposed agreement between the parties and look for any problems that could arise. Attorneys can also:

  • Negotiate a contract between two parties
  • Prepare contracts or leases
  • Represent you in litigation
  • Advise you regarding the eviction process
  • Sue on your behalf for property damage
  • Instruct you what do if there is a breach of lease

Contract Leasing in New Jersey

Attorney Review

Under New Jersey laws, renters have rights as well as landlords. To make sure you are getting a fair contract or lease, it is recommended to have the agreement reviewed by an attorney before signing. An attorney will review the agreement a renter has received from a landlord and ensure it is legal and protects the renter’s best interest. Attorneys can also represent renters’ rights if the following issues are present:

  • Landlord harassment
  • Early term of release
  • Defense of eviction
  • Breach of lease
  • Landlord failed to return security deposit

Legal Representation

If you are having issues with a New Jersey tenant or landlord and need help with the situation, contact John L. Schettino, LLC. The Law Offices of John Schettino can negotiate, prepare, draft, and review any landlord-tenant issues (leases & contracts) and make recommendations that suit either party. Contact the office today for a free consultation.

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