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What Must Sellers Disclose Before You Buy Their Property?

If you’re buying a New Jersey property, such as a new home, it’s an exciting time. A property purchase, however, is probably the most significant purchase that you’ll ever make, so it’s important to know the ropes. In New Jersey, those who sell property must make certain disclosures to prospective home buyers – or risk losing the sale or even face legal consequences.

The Expectations Inherent to the Sale of Property

When a house is sold in New Jersey, there is an inherent expectation that the home be both habitable and fit to be lived in. In fact, New Jersey law protects buyers like you from sellers who attempt to hide important information related to the sale of a house. The people who are attempting to sell you a house should – in good faith – provide you with complete information related to all the property’s known issues and defects.

For Example

There are a variety of examples that pertain to the kinds of issues and defects that the seller of your prospective home should reveal to you:

  • Any structural damage to the home;
  • Any damage caused by insects;
  • Any water damage;
  • Any electrical issues or damage to the electrical system;
  • Any issues with or damage to the house’s foundation;
  • Any permits that are necessary to make required changes; and/or
  • Any problems with or damage to the home’s plumbing and/or heating systems.

The seller is not however bound to relay any stigmatized issues, such as a death that occurred in the home, ghosts, hauntings, or any other issues that aren’t related to the home’s physical condition. If asked directly, nonetheless, the sellers should make all appropriate disclosures.

Buying a new home is exciting, but the purchase comes with a host of attendant details that can be overwhelming. An experienced real estate attorney will help you cut directly to the issues that matter and guide you toward purchasing the home that’s right for you.

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