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What Does Codicil Mean?

Wills, in and of themselves, are complicated but important documents. When you make a written revision to your will, it’s called a codicil. Your will can incorporate such a revision, but the codicil must meet specific requirements. For instance, just as your Will was signed and witnessed – so must your codicil be. Further, your codicil should refer to your will by date and should be attached to the original document. Because your will is critical to your legacy and your family’s future, it’s highly recommended that you retain an experienced estate planning attorney to draft both your will and any codicils that might be necessary.

Modern Conveniences

Back in the day, wills were drafted on typewriters, which made codicils a more efficient means of amending the original documents. Today, wills are written on computers, so it’s nearly always more effective and efficient to simply draft a new will if revisions or amendments need to be made. Your estate planning lawyer will discuss your options with you and will guide you toward the choices that best suit your needs.

Get Started Now

When it comes to your will, it’s imperative that you think ahead. After all, the future simply isn’t known to any of us, and your family’s future is your top priority. Having a will drafted by an experienced attorney will not only guarantee that your legacy is executed in the manner that you see fit but will also provide you with invaluable peace of mind. Your will matters, but it’s important to remember that codicils were created for a reason – to allow you to revise your will as your estate and your family’s needs evolve. What you commit to your will now very well may change with time, but because the future is unpredictable, you’ll have protections in place throughout life’s journey.

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Estate planning can be extremely complicated, but you shouldn’t let that scare you off. Your estate is your legacy, and it’s critical to your family’s future. Don’t leave your estate to chance; consult with an experienced estate planning lawyer. At John L. Schettino law, I’ll work with you to draft a will that reflects your current needs and that can be readily revised to address your future needs. I’m here to help, so please contact or call me at 201-498-9768 for a free consultation regarding the drafting of your will today.