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Lawyer Up For Real Estate Transactions

For most of us, buying and selling a home are among the most important purchases we can make during our lifetime. In addition to being a substantial amount of money, the buying and selling of houses can take a lot of time and energy from our busy lives. If you’re looking to either buy or sell your home, it’s important to hire an experienced real estate attorney to help you through the process.

One of the most important reasons to hire an attorney to represent you from the beginning decision to buy or sell until the final closing is that they will be focused solely on representing your best interests, rather than a real estate agent who is concerned primarily with having the sale go through. If there’s a tricky aspect of the deal that isn’t in your best interest, an attorney will fight for you and provide legal counsel on how to proceed.

One of the problems that could potentially arise out of your home buying or selling deal happens when using a brokerage agreement doesn’t address any legal problems about the house, since realtors often just use a standard form that doesn’t account for all circumstances. If there is a clause in your contract stating that you have the right to negotiate, you can avoid this, but if not, you may otherwise be bound to the original written contract agreement. Even if there aren’t extenuating legal complications with the house you wish to sell or buy, having a lawyer will help you understand the full ramifications of the contract before you sign it. They will determine the document’s validity, and help to revise the contract for you if needed.

Along with the brokerage agreement, your attorney can also help you establish your title policy and insurance paperwork. This is important in finding out about current or upcoming zoning policies that a relator would not be familiar with, as well as provide counsel about any restrictions that a prior owner may have put on the property that would make it difficult for you to sell again in the future.

Finally, having a lawyer present for the closing process is a vital step in protecting your rights. An attorney will work to prepare your closing paperwork, including the deed to the house, and work with you to explain the closing costs, as well as ensure that they are fair and reasonable. Your attorney will also make sure that your deed and mortgage papers are properly signed to later hold up in court, and explain their full meaning to anyone present.

If you are preparing to either buy or sell a house, it’s vital to have the counsel of a good attorney on your side. For top quality work and experience, look no further than the law offices of John L. Schettino. I will provide you with a free phone consultation about our services and how you can benefit from them. Call me today at (201) 498-9768 to get started.