"Desk Jobs" and Workplace Injuries

“Desk Jobs” and Workplace Injuries

Workers’ Compensation is meant to protect workers injured on the job by requiring that the employer pay for an injured worker’s medical bills and lost wages. Most people think of repair people, factory workers and construction workers when they think of employees who are eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits.

This is not always the case. Recent studies show that employees who sit for a majority of the day are prone to many types of injuries. These injuries may be covered by Workers’ Compensation. These injuries include:

  1. Carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition is caused by pressure on the nerves in the wrist. It causes numbness, tingling and weakness. It is often experienced by workers who type and use a computer for many work tasks.
  2. Repetitive strain injuries (RSI). This condition is caused by micro-traumas after repeated movements. A common cause of RSI is poor posture.
  3. This is a musculoskeletal condition that is caused by sedentary activities. Workers with this condition will be weaker and stiffer because of it. Also, experts believe that back injuries are sometimes due to deconditioning.

Limits on Desk Worker Injuries

However, New Jersey does place limits on what conditions are recoverable under Workers’ Comp. The state Supreme Court ruled that the family of woman, who died after sustaining a blood clot in her lung following an overnight shift she completed in her home office where she remained seated for approximately 10 hours, was not entitled to Workers’ Comp benefits.

In that case the lower appellate court ruled that the family was entitled to benefits, but the state high court disagreed. The high court wrote that there was not enough evidence to show that the blood clot was caused by her work.

How to Reduce Desk Worker Injuries

Experts advise desk workers to avoid prolonged sitting. Sitting is the cause of many conditions that desk workers are afflicted with. Setting a timer to remind yourself that you need to get up and walk is a way to offset some of the risk that comes with sitting.

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While the typical Workers’ Comp claim is by someone in a physical job, this does not always have to be the case. Desk workers are at risk and should also have their medical treatment paid for by the employer.

Because desk workers are not the typical case, they may have trouble securing benefits. A skilled Workers’ Comp attorney can help. To schedule a free consultation to determine if your injury sounds in Workers’ Comp, call New Jersey Workers’ Compensation lawyer John L. Schettino at 201-498-9768.